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Online Courses

Managing Menopause

5 module video course designed to help you navigate and manage your menopause journey.

Healthy vs Hot

Course designed to alert, recognise and instigate the factors that will change the frequency and potency of those infamous hot flashes/flushes.

5 Days to Naturally Improved Bladder Control

Now you can improve your bladder control naturally with my successful exercise technique helping women of all ages around the world.

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Join now and receive instant access to the online courses and resources to start your naturally designed guide through your menopause journey.

Members Only Facebook Group

Help and support through like minded and empathetic members who know what and how to avoid the pitfalls and realise the potential that's in the training modules

Ongoing Support and Training

There is always something more inside the membership. Regular updates, articles, posts and training ensures your needs are considered and taken care of.


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Meet Tess Hansel

Menopause Guidance Coach and Founder Dry Swan Bladder Control Programme

What our clients say

Just want to say the content
of your course and advice
offered is outstanding.

Town Planner

You have inspired me to
continue positive changes,
really loving the information
you put here Tess.

Education Instructor, Wisconsin USA

I’ve just finished the module on
Faith…very powerful and
Thought provoking.

Mortgage Broker

About Bladder control

Just remember this – you’re in control of your body and, no matter what type of incontinence you’re experiencing, you can improve your bladder control.

I believe you can do yourself the biggest favour by researching and investigating what you’re experiencing, what you’ve been told, and then make up your own mind about the direction you will take. If you’re under medication then please don’t do anything drastic about stopping it until you have discussed this with your medical professional. All prescribed medication requires a withdrawal protocol.

You can use our Dry Swan Bladder Trainer free app while you’re deciding about your general health, including medications. Whatever direction you decide to take, I’m really thrilled that you’ve taken the time to spend with me right now and want to encourage you to investigate your own health. Investigate your medication. Investigate the processed foods you’re consuming.

It’s one of the most freeing things you can do – just check out what is going into and onto your body, then switch to as natural as possible.

You never know, your urinary incontinence problem could be caused by something in your current diet.

I had to stop trusting and start testing – best thing I ever did and I encourage you to do the same.

All my very best to you.

Big Hug!

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