Dry Swan Bladder Exercise


How Does Dry Swan Exercise Work?

Dry Swan exercise distracts your brain signal from activating your bladder, giving you time to get to the bathroom. It takes away the ‘urge to go now’ and gives you back control to go when you want to and not be dictated to by your bladder. The more you practice your Dry Swan Exercise the stronger your bladder control can become, with the added benefit of building upper body strength.

When Should I Do My Dry Swan Exercise?

Your Dry Swan Exercise can be performed at any time but is best used initially at the first sign of your brain signalling your bladder to empty, when the urge is building. This exercise can be used to stop the urge to empty your bladder, which often is only half full or less. Over time you can extend the duration between toilet visits to strengthen your bladder. As well, Dry Swan exercise, with practise, can enable you to once again sneeze, cough and exert yourself without leakage – eg exercise at the gym or lift shopping bags out of your car. 

How Do I Perform My Dry Swan Exercise?

The first step is to familiarise yourself with the exercise, so check out the Exercise in the videos below and make sure you watch the exercise a few times before attempting it.

Please ensure you have assistance if you are at all unsteady on your feet as I take no responsibility for your safety in performing this exercise. Please check my Disclaimer on this site.

Of course, exercise is just one facet of bladder control and to really get on top of the condition you also need to address other issues such as diet, stress levels, work pressures etc.

However, your Dry Swan Exercise can help you in achieving better bladder control in the meantime.

Exercise Explained

Please note that you perform this exercise at your own risk. Read disclaimer here.

It’s important when you raise your arms that you use all upper body muscles by stretching and extending your arms all the way to your fingertips in a deliberate fashion, with your fingers spread. You will feel your muscles reacting as you raise and lower your arms in a deliberate slow movement. The exercise is a personal one, so you will tailor it to suit yourself.

Imagine you are a beautiful swan in flight and need to keep yourself in the air so your arms are flexing your muscles and pushing against the air as you raise and lower them.

Rotation of circle will depend on whether you are right or left handed, whichever is most comfortable for you. The demonstation video and illustrations are for right-handed users.

Dry Swan Exercise and explanation from Tess Hansel on Vimeo.

Illustrations and Step-by-Step instructions for Dry Swan exercise:

Step 1

To commence this exercise you cross one leg over the other, ensuring your thighs are pressed together firmly and making sure you are balanced. (Check video)

Step 2

While holding your thighs together you squat down slightly which further tightens your thighs, again making sure you are balanced. Raise your arms and lower slowly and begin your circle. (Check video)

Step 3

Take one small step, at the same time raising and lowering your arms slowly, continuing your small circle. (Check video)

Step 4

Continue to take another step while raising and lowering your arm slowly, continuing your small circle. (Check video)

Step 5

Continue to take another step while raising and lowering your arms slowly, continuing your small circle. (Check video)

Step 6

Rest in the final position, still holding thighs firmly together for a few more seconds. Repeat if urge is still strong. (Check video)


‘A Trained Bladder is a Happy Bladder’

Now you’ve discovered the Dry Swan Exercise, please feel free to share it. Our aim is to reach all 197 countries (EveryWoman197DrySwan) with this free exercise, so women (and girls) across the earth have the opportunity to train/retrain their bladders in a free and natural way. 

There’s nothing like regaining control over your bladder! It opens up your world again and think how awesome it would be to give that gift to all the women in the world – especially those who have suffered this condition for years, believing there was nothing they could do to fix it. Exercise and diet really goes a long way to sorting out this very annoying problem.

Thank You for caring and sharing.