Managing Menopause

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Learning how to manage menopause is life-changing...

Life can change in an instant.

One minute we can be coping with our circumstances and the next we can find ourselves in a dangerous and frightening situation.

Like I did as I lay in hospital, having experienced a serious hemiplegic migraine, the first of several. It was a typical day, rushing to do the impossible and keeping that smile on my face as I pushed my body way too far.

Lying in hospital that day, I realised that life is precious and we only have one. I realised that, as mature women, we can very easily push our bodies just that bit too far. Then spend years trying to get well.

All the while, I was hearing other women complaining about similar issues like severe menopausal symptoms. 

As I began to talk about my experiences with my health, other women (family, friends, work colleagues, social media contacts) began to open up about their concerns regarding their health.

I started to get a clear picture that our menopausal journey, in this day and age, is nothing like our mothers or grandmothers. As I began to research my own health, I had a wonderful ‘aha’ moment after a lot of fasting and prayer.

Sitting in a ball of tears in the garden, I cried out to God to give me some direction as to what to do next. I had just experienced an ‘oops’ moment as I stood up from the garden and that was getting more and more frequent since the series of migraines. I had recovered a lot of my left side use but was still struggling with urinary incontinence as a result of the paralysis experienced during the series of migraines.

In fact, I was still struggling with loss of strength in my left side and, the night before, had seen the look of surprise on my husband’s face when I dropped a steaming glass bowl of rice onto the tile floor. It’s moments like these that make you realise just how much is lost when you push your body too far.

As I walked back up to the house from the garden I heard, as clear as a bell…

“Healthy cells make a healthy body.”

That day I dusted off my keyboard and began to research what makes a healthy cell. There was an excitement in my discoveries and finally I felt like there was hope to get well.

Some days at work were sheer hell as I tried to manage the severe headaches that accompany a migraine condition and, being on all sorts of medications, unable to function fully. My work colleagues were watching out of the corner of their eye, probably remembering my spectacular collapse that fateful day. Being wheeled past staff members in a huge open plan office to exit the building is beyond embarrassing to remember. Drooling and sobbing, unable to talk or walk, is a memory I will never forget.

So, how on earth do we let ourselves get to that point in menopause? I certainly wasn’t the only woman in the office who was working till all hours and, interestingly, they were all approaching my age. 

I learnt a very hard lesson in menopause, one that almost cost my life.

I learnt how to click and drag me and my needs to the top of my care life and priorities list. 

That’s why I do what I do and why I have written this eBook. To share some useful information with you, in the hope that you will never, ever have to experience the humiliation and embarrassment that follows a public illness event. In a business environment, no-one ever treats you the same way again.

Losing my dignity that day in the office was just the start. I went on to lose thousands of dollars in lost earnings. Years spent trying to get well.

It is really important as we mature to stop and take a good long look at our habits. 

That’s what I want you to do today. Take a look at where you’re at in your menopause chapter and ask yourself this question…

…where will I be in six month’s time?

If you see yourself in my journey, then today is the day to take some time for you.

Spending a small amount of money on you, to learn how to naturally manage your menopause.

Learning what to look out for in products.

Learning how to simply research just what is going into and onto your body.

Understanding how we get ourselves into this selfless place during menopause.

Doing too much for too many for too long.

It is my heart’s desire that you learn what you can about menopause to ensure you manage your own journey.

One thing I learnt the hard way is this…

…if you pass up the privilege of managing your own menopause…

…someone else will do it for you and you may lose your right to choose your health direction.

Like I did. All choices were taken away from me.

A week after the event at work, I was rushed again to hospital with total paralysis on my left side. This time they admitted me into the stroke ward where I stayed for a week.

I realised how quickly you can lose the right to choose your health decisions as I lay in the stroke ward.

There was this dear old lady in the bed beside me who snored like you wouldn’t believe.

It was like a saw going through my poor, aching head as the post-stroke medication had a heachache side effect.

No-one knew I was suffering from hemiplegic migraines at this point, so the pain was agony at times.

I remember the second night in the ward as I lay there at 4.00am and watched that clock ticking slowly by.

It is lonely being in a place like that, listening to the sounds of sleeping, sirens outside, nurses dashing to and fro. The sound of medication trays rattling throughout the night. 

As dawn began to bring the normal light of day, I peeked through the crack in the blinds to see some kind of life outside.

I determined from that moment on that I would get well and I would share how to avoid the pit of ill health during menopause.

This eBook – Managing Menopause – is the result of that moment of determination.

It’s an opportunity for you to quickly explore the different areas of your health.

To manage your menopause the way you want to.

Because learning how to manage menopause can be life-changing.

You can experience better health across the board and so can your loved ones and those special people in your life.

As you improve your health, physically and emotionally, they go along for the ride.

My family lost weight, became fit and their priorities became clearer.

The best part about managing your menopause is the confidence that comes from better health.

Today is about you.

I wrote this book for you.

Because menopause is all about You.

In menopause, doing too much for too many for too long can be a typical way of life for a lot of women. This lifestyle can cause serious health issues and threaten relationships. Learning how you can manage your menopause through adjusting your priorities can be a life-changing decision. Creating good habits like hydrating well and opting out of processed food for a more natural diet, can bring the joy back into your life.

In Managing Menopause you learn to identify foods, drinks and other lifestyle choices you are making, that may be causing poor health. Then you can fairly quickly and simply swap those foods and drinks for a healthier alternative.

Included in the book are templates for a Hydration Diary as well as handy swap lists where you can list those products you currently use and explore alternatives.

Fruit Veges and Meat

Eating natural fruit and veges makes a big difference to symptoms.

Milk and Dairy

Getting back to basics when it comes to milk and dairy products.

Water, Soda, Soft Drinks...

Sugar laden sodas are a trigger for increasing the frequency of symptoms.

Processed Products

Learn how to avoid synthetic chemicals in processed foods and commercial products.

Cosmetics Bathroom

What you put on your body is as important as to what you put in your body.

Meds & Supplements

Researching ingredients to identify effects on menopausal symptoms.

Exercise Frequency

Contrary to popular belief...not too much! With the strain that menopause can cause on our bodies, we need to take it quietly with exercise.

Time to Take Action

Armed with information from this book you can download the swap templates and identify areas to improve.

About Tess Hansel

Through suffering and recovering from serious physical illness, hemiplegic migraines (affecting bladder control) I learnt that the only person who can help me is me – and I want to enable you to discover just how strong and resilient you are as well.

It’s all about diet, water and removing as many synthetic chemicals out of your system as possible. That’s when my health turned around.

So, I’m on a mission – to help you take back your health and more importantly your health control. To realise that menopause is just another chapter in your life. You will get through it, and by making some dietary changes you can thrive through it. 

To read more about Tess click here.

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As a special offer you can secure this 65 page eBook with added resource downloads for just $9 USD. This is only for a limited time so click the add to cart button and get your copy today. 

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