The complete modular video course designed with you in mind. Six modules in all which help ease your symptoms and show you how to reduce severity and frequency of those hot flushes, improve your health and wellness and above all steer your menopause journey in a better direction.

About Tess Hansel

Menopause guidance coach and author Dry Swan Bladder Trainer. Author and trainer Managing Menopause and founder of Better Menopause Club. 

You are on the journey of your lifetime right now because menopause can test you like never before.

Just know that you can do it!

It’s all a matter of learning those precious gems of knowledge from someone who has walked the walk and is now shining the light for you to follow.

From Diet to Commitments to learning how to strengthen and develop your faith walk, Tess Hansel is taking you by the hand and sharing what she has discovered that has helped a lot of women travelling their own journey.


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This course is...

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"Just want to say the content and advice offered

is outstanding"

Town Planner, Queensland

"You have inspired me to continue positive changes, really loving the the information you put here Tess"

Education Instructor, Wisconsin

"I've just finished the module on Faith...very powerful and thought provoking"

Mortgage Broker, Chicago

Managing menopause

The Modules

Module 1 : Anxiety and Anger

Anxiety can be a real problem during menopause but you can learn how to harness that emotion and use it to your advantage.

Module 3 : Exercise

Exercises to help your bladder control can help relieve the stress associated with weakened bladder muscles during menopause.

Module 5 : Relationships

Menopause is a time in your life that can make or break relationships. This module helps you to establish a stronger communication.

Module 2 : Diet

Learn how to hydrate well and make wise choices when it comes to your diet - God-made food will nurture your body and grow your health.

Module 4 : Commitments

Identifying why you are stressed needs a good look at your commitments and then how to make some changes to improve your journey.

Module 6 :Faith

Faith in God is the key to travelling a doable menopause journey. When all else fails, the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you!

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