Managing Menopause



Welcome to Managing Menopause!

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You are on the journey of your lifetime right now because menopause can test you like never before.

Just know that you can do it!

It’s all a matter of learning those precious gems of knowledge from someone who has walked the walk and is now shining the light for you to follow.

From Diet to Commitments to learning how to strengthen and develop your faith walk, Tess Hansel is taking you by the hand and sharing what she has discovered that has helped a lot of women travelling their own journey.


Course Outline

Managing Menopause is presented in a way that enables you to spend time on those areas of your life that you have probably neglected, as you are navigating your way through menopause.

As you move through the course, you will see that it takes effort and time to focus on adjusting your commitment levels and your relationships, for the best outcome.

The final module on faith ties all the other facets together and is a key element to achieving a positive outcome.

Module 1 – Anxiety and Anger

In Module 1, you get to learn a handy technique to use when those dreaded panic attacks and anxiety hit in the middle of the night. Anxiety can manifest as anger so getting your anxiety under your control is a good skill to learn.


Module 2 – Diet

In Module 2 you are learning just what’s in your food that could be causing health issues, including problems with your bladder. You will also take a look at improving your hydration.

There are two downloads – one is our Detective Diary.

Identifying what’s in your food and swapping to a healthier alternative can help not only your overall health but also your bladder health. There is a simple swap list to download to assist you in tweaking your diet.

You can also download Tess’ Dry Swan Detective Diary which you will need to identify the foods that are causing you problems and also get an overview of how your bladder is behaving.

Module 3 – Exercise

Module 3 gives you the opportunity to discover the Dry Swan Bladder Control exercise, which can be very useful to not only retrain your bladder but also improve your overall muscle tone.

There are two downloads for Module 3 – the Dry Swan Bladder Trainer App and Tess’  Low Gravity Pelvic Floor Exercise video. If you have struggled to perform pelvic floor exercises in the past, you will find the low gravity pelvic floor exercise a good way to take the pressure off your pelvic floor as you exercise.

Module 4 – Commitments

This module is really eye opening and will help you to identify the areas in your life where you are spread too thin. It’s OK to say “No!” 

You have a Commitments Template to download that will help you get a bird’s eye view of your current commitment status and where you can cut back and take some time for you.

Module 5 – Relationships

Relationships and the quality of relationships is key to getting you through your menopause journey, so module 5 gives you an opportunity to take a look at your relationships.

Relationships during menopause can make or break us, as we all need support in our lives, especially during menopause.

Module 6 – Faith

We all have faith – in something. The key is re-positioning and growing faith in the right areas. Learning how to use your words to line up with God’s word is critical.

You also have a download of the scriptures used in this module.

Instead of menopause being a drain on your life, it can become a time of growing closer to God, learning what belongs to you and helping you walk in victory.

So…it’s time to take action…