Better Menopause Club

Welcome to Better Menopause Club.

A place where you can spend some time on you.

Where you can learn some interesting and useful information.

Plus check out some hobbies and past-times that help to balance your life.

It should never be all work and no play, yet that is often the place we can find ourselves during menopause.

So welcome to our place and your club.

How powerful it is to spend time with others who are travelling a similar journey.

Menopause is far more than just physical, hormonal changes in your body.

It’s the continuation of your life’s journey into getting to know who you really are and discovering your strength within.

It’s about surrounding yourself with people who can help you on your journey.

Inside the Club you will find:

  • Online courses that can help you take control of your menopause health, your relationships, your diet and your spiritual growth
  • Friendship through our Facebook group ‘Better Menopause Better Life’
  • Our weekly ‘In the Kitchen’ live show
  • Shop in our discounted craft, kitchen and hobby store
  • Our A-Z vitamins and minerals guide and how these help you during menopause

There are no long-term commitments, you can leave anytime you like and the Club membership fee is $5 US a month.

You can visit anytime, read the latest blog, check out the latest recipe and catch up with friends in our associated Facebook Group

– Better Menopause Better Life.

So…what are you waiting for…join up today!

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